gs - electric guitars, analog and digital processing
    tv - bass guitar, analog and digital processing
         nk - acoustic and electronic percussion, samples
Basement Tapes, Vol. 2
recorded 26 october, 2018
bah! buh-dah! buh-dah!

entire album
Basement Tapes, Vol. 1
recorded 27 april, 2017

masters division I
masters division II
masters division III
half a baker of the other
return of the penny picker

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supersonic stimulacrum:
the spy::mix 10th anniversary reunion special
recorded 21 november, 2015
how long
number two
interlude: not for the faint of heart
supersonic stimulacrum
interlude: look in my eyes
ten year power
interlude: drop the d
goddamn amazing
let's try again
not on purpose

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guaranteed fresh
recorded 29 april, 2015
the worst noise you could possibly make
let's do some stuff
interlude: it's happening
return to the planet of cinematic film pedal
interlude: because milk is fresh
six packin'
we finally get famous

entire album
never mind the boutros, here's the spy::mix
recorded 16 april, 2015
first attempt
dumb dumb dumb dumb
aye aye, sir
journey to the edge of space
every drone you bake
escape velocity

entire album
the safest place we've ever played
(or: mid career ennui)
recorded 29 march, 2014
random awkward stranger
epilogue to awkward
goofy is what we do
slow jam secrets → hut hut king tut
hot newsflash
for posterity
one more piece of epic awesome

entire album
special treasure
recorded 27 november, 2010
welcome to where we are
plucking across america in small rooms
sudden laughter
opening the vault in stormy weather
connect party
thats the business right there
the many speeds of a spy mix
much too late for anything else
stripped down drums in a song donut

entire album
recorded 19 june, 2010
the over under
sorta the same
the prodigal son returns
to the edge of taste

rollin' six deep
color me pickled
behind closed doors with velvet walls
hole in pocket

entire album
electro delux
recorded 4 october 2009
like riding a bike
interlude: botsville
mud song
interlude: frankenstein
interlude: glennie glen glen
interlude: scar the grouch
out of the void, comes nothing

entire album
applied psychonautics
recorded 25 october 2008
spy::mix 2-nite
cash that check
drop it down
the artist steps back
to admire his work

return of the organ grinder
lawyers, cellphones
it's always steak

entire album
double explosion
recorded 13 december 2007
encyclopedia brit-jam-y-a
wham bam thank you jam
aw jeez
time goes so fast
hot beats
the winner and still jampion

entire album
chaos with a curfew
recorded 7 december 2006
killed by self reference
slingshot past earth
the new worst ever
arch nemesis
noah bites the head open
and they fade

entire album
toilet not flushing
recorded 16 november, 2006
apropos of nothing
sour diesel
exotic methodic
the newest worm
bong and a biscuit
heaps of poop
just when you thought the bad was over

entire album
population: 3
recorded 2 november, 2006
doo doo theme
it takes three to mangle
mental slumps
zebra montage
busted times two

entire album
pack leader
recorded 12 october, 2006
spymix like us (intro)
blood contract
fulcrumatic aptacular
alpha dogs
meet spymix, greet spymix
florence stanley
little miss can't be wrong
hit the bricks, milton bradley
musicus interruptus
when i was young and wet
with water from the ocean

greasy-runged ladder

entire album
stoned temple pirates
recorded 5 october, 2006
four vs one
how many times
the other universe
cryptic communication
spymix the singalong
primed for the fall
end of the strange road

entire album
psycho yoga teacher
recorded 21 september, 2006
super silver kush
reaching for ignition
between rock and a bad place
kiefer's secret
i like girls who like girls,
but they don't like me

bacterial invasion from uranus
san francisco's calling us

entire album
doing our part to end hunger
recorded 14 september, 2006
back in the spy saddle
monkey see, monkey stupid
who can it be now?
ron carey
you're a magician (and i don't listen)
look out, now
dogs in the sky
duty fruit

entire album
three space pods
recorded 21 august, 2006
slop chops
rising from the dirt
looking for kicks on two worlds
hell and jamnation
the spymix sinister musical

entire album
giving blood is uplifting
recorded 25 july, 2006
blue massage
keith richards
fruit of the loom
mortimer herchiberg
not this time
spring is in the hair

entire album
love burger
recorded 18 july, 2006
how to quit smoking
steve landesberg
she'd thrown away her crutches
mellow, lazy, and sober
journey to the edge of taste
happy noodle birthday!
happy noodle tuesday!
mark, set, go!

entire album
snap, crackle & pop
recorded 6 july, 2006
team mechanix
my feet can't walk
noise is music too
this time we'll record everything
revenge of cowbell
in the dream

entire album
copa west oakland
recorded 29 june, 2006
_der kaiser_ (franz beckenbauer)
winning eleven 8
the hand of god
those dancing brazilians
stud in the thigh
pocket full of kryptonite

entire album
jam of the beast
recorded 6 june, 2006 (6/6/6)
into the darkness
red sky
boogie west
hidden surprise
running for cover
wet dog
forgotten one
chopping it up

entire album
so good, it's spy mix!
recorded 24 may, 2006
winner winner chicken dinner
nerd wars vs supernerd deluxe
hey, hal linden
so smooth, man oh man, jeez
glen's world, party on
if you like pina coladas and
taking walks in the rain
hey joe

entire album
mediocre joker
recorded 16 may, 2006
wide open space
may the farce be with you
long and whiny road
taxiing on the cosmic runway
spy vs spy
milk bank skanks
lament of the dying aliens
boogie up yourself

entire album
naked and de[lay]fenseless
recorded 9 may, 2006
cut down in her prime, part deux
undersecretary of the visionquest
weep for me, gentle listener
barack obama
dali lama

entire album
banana republic trench coat mafia
recorded 5 april, 2006
galaxy nut jam
rage string experiment
spaceman crab
used condom in the parking lot
best song ever, dude
whack job
thats all we got tonight

entire album
love knuckle
recorded 28 march, 2006
latex airlock
unplug your greyhounds
rhythmic gymnastics, pt. trois
max gail
george mason is in the final four
backaw backaw backaw baw
secret hidden bonus track

entire album
worst episode ever
recorded 16 march, 2006
freak storm
ice cream man is gone
fume room
i bang, you pick a key

entire album
penny picker
recorded 28 february, 2006
birth of the new favorite tone
novocaine and nitrous
visually inebriated 8th grader
break down the walls and sing
bush needs a shave
dark and diet
eye times
high school pantomime

entire album
three times, bucko!
recorded 14 februrary 2006
this one's for my podcast
organ to grind
mao vs nixon
six is enough
slow down there, fatty
bring it back, i'm still eating

entire album

you guys will never get a gig
recorded 7 februrary 2006
evil robot in a g-string
splash-hat mania sweeps the nation
drifting in the sea can be a major disaster
revenge of the dongle
f*ck gigs, we make an album every tuesday
bald man goes backwards
nintendo nightmares
wiggle waggle
it's good because it's free

entire album
so many cables, so little sound
recorded 31 janurary, 2006
state of the weasel
cut down in her prime
chicken in the rainbow
knock yourself out, gerard

entire album
polyrhythmic delay bullshit
recorded 24 january, 2006
spy all over me
come on barry, give me the juice
let the monkey go
hola alessandra
dubya doubletalk (is it over yet?)
who are you guys?
don't want to die tonight
81 bad jokes
closing up the place

entire album
australian rules football
recorded 17 january, 2006
rusty as a mother hubbard
prozac head lightning
never trust a hobo (1 and 2)
joe jurevicius (intro)
joe jurevicius
san pablo whores got change for a dollar
diet coke head
the fun way / no cancellation policy
line 6 stock owner (1 and 2)

entire album
blackberries must die
recorded 13 december, 2005
glen's theme
computer quarks
strange reactor
anteater swagger
trigger state
bungee dynamite
combustible onion

entire album
we're so awesome and local
recorded 6 december, 2005
i be ista
howard cosell, pt 1
et tu, abe vigoda?
the road to dade county
outlaws d'adieu
drone jaxx
i love the ethnic

entire album
mister poo man chu
recorded 29 november, 2005
new fried sound
summer camp outfield blues
matt damon and george clooney
passenger side odor
lord of the visionquest
jack soo
j'aime tu madre

entire album
¡ay carumba!
recorded 15 november, 2005
bono vox
ketzel levine
albert pujols
four ballot initiative

entire album
boutros boutros peace plan
recorded 30 october, 2005
epic boutros 1
epic boutros 2
epic boutros 3
epic boutros 4
epic boutros 5

entire album
t is for tony
recorded 18 october, 2005
cinematic film pedal

entire album
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